Sunday, September 29, 2002


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I have posted "Still"! Here.

Also, Joe-chan recently delivered lovely, lovely CDs for my collection. I'm sparkling. The songs are all love love love, but I've got plus points, Joe-chan's also selling Kaitou St. Tail episodes! Eee!~ I could sing! I haven't found St. Tail anywhere but now here they are, right up in front of me!!

I'm having issues. So, help, all.

1.) Can I tweak around with Eriol's parentage?

2.) Can Eriol die? [He appears impervious to lots of things, so I thought, hey...]

3.) How old IS Sonomi? [random, random]

4.) What is the real, full name of Hikari from Digimon? [she's a Yagami, right? But her brother is Kamiya Taichi! Hey...]

I'm mostly confuzzled. AND! For people who've seen "Meitantei Conan": he does grow up in the end, right? I mean, he grows taller?

AND! For St. Tail fans: I need to know Asuka Jr.'s surname. >.<


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Friday, September 27, 2002

Yeah. ^-^ Oh, neesama! You dun have to help me with the bar now. I fixed it! Aren't you proud?~

Pretty pic. Pretty pretty pic. Oh, and Meemee-chan, I'm sending you email. About 'Seasons'? Okay? Okay.

Eves-san! You promised me reviews!! I hope you didn't forget.. >.<

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Ahh. I think I'm quite satisfied now. ^-^ Check it out!~ *dances happily* My HTML workz!~

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I AM trying to write St. Tail fic. But I need info. Help?

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I've been trying, very very hard, might I add, to tweak this thing. Neesama? Can you fix the navigation bar? It's whacking out. It's too... thin.

Anyway. Recently finished "Someday", so, Here.

Syao-chan no Hime celebrates her birthday today! And also she's halting fic-write. Aww. A bit of history, then...

The first CCS fic I ever read and fell in love with was "Syaoran no Kangae" by Syaoran no Hime. I went looking looking looking for her email ad and found it. I began emailing her and found out that she was Pinoy, to my surprise. She was the one who opened the doors for me to actually go write fic. She's younger than me by a full year but she managed to convince me. Now I'm happy to belong to the lovely lovely group of crazy CCS ficcators. I'm proud. Way proud, and it's all thanks to Syao-chan.

Hmm. Am trying very hard to REWRITE Leni fic. That's because I recently read translations to Sakura Wars 2 and saw that Leni is your typical quiet boy. Cold and unfeeling to a point. I can fix that...

"Could've Been"'s still on hiatus. Hoooeee.

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Thursday, September 26, 2002

Ahahaha, Eves-san. All I'm learning there is philosophical stuff and theological stuff. My prof claims to have studied in countries all 'round, an IQ of 142 points, speaks eight different languages, and even co-wrote our textbook! Talk about bighead...


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Tweaked my image. Someday i'm gonna rehash that and put it in the main log thing. ^-^

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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I should be getting to tweaking this blog. Hmmm.Will work with the ole Photoshop when I get home.

Got myself an elusive LJ account. Here. Link me if you may, but I doubt it's gonna contain anything new. It's just gonna be xeroxes of my main log, or until I find a situation that calls for secrecy, which I probably never will.

Hmm. In the conditions of the ever-rigorous Malate I have come up with an ORIGINAL (there should be a marquee up here) story entitled "The Miracle Merchant".

The title is somewhere from Tin. It's in her mailing list. I dunno if she intended to write it the way I'm wrting it now, but thanks to her anyway, she rules. ^-^

"Miracle.." is basically about a little out-of-the-way store in a mall where a man by the name of Miguel sells miracles. Duh. I kind of liked the off beat idea, seeing as miracles are given, never bought, and then it was an original idea, which they just love.

I'm kind of trying to deviate. I'm so buried in fic.

Anyway, will post snippet soon.

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Monday, September 23, 2002

Grand Fic Update!

Ahhh. Meilin fic is entitled "Someday" and will be released sometime soon, I hope. I did it right after watching the episode when Meilin cries all over Tomoyo because of the you-know-what. Uh. I don't really *like* to write Meilin-letting-go fic, because it's been done, nor do I like actually writing Meilin at all, but this called for something.

It called for release.

Recently, I thought of myself as in love with a boy from somewhere out there. Than he simply stopped talking to me. No explanations. No words. Just stopped looking at me and behaved as if I wasn't alive, that I was never his friend. Because we HAD been friends first.

This Meilin fic may come off as shallow at first glance, but it has all my heart. I envy Mei because Syaoran-kun had the honor to tell things to her face. I wasn't even given due warning. This should be in the main log, but it's fic-related, so I guess...

This fic means a lot to me. I dunno why.

"Could've Been" will reamin on hiatus. I'm serious. It's sitting in my bag waiting for inspiration. It's in that crucial opening scene.... Chelle-san? I need advice on this. I don't really know what to do. VARON! Gahhh

I'm reviving my KurapicaxNeon fic, "Iris". I lost the copy so I'm rewriting it, but I think it'll do.

I've been projecting stories with Harle darling and now I have stories lined up for FFVIII, Roswell, St. Tail (always wanted to ficcate St. Tail!), Kare Kano and more, more Digimon. Hwee.

I've been trying to go shoujo but the damned morbidness is getting to my head. It's affecting my ficcing! School is SO weird. It's supposed to be teaching me how to write but all I'm learning is Greek from my Religion class. (Eves-san, did you have Greek? For our finals we have to recite the "Our Father" in original Greek. It's creeping me out.)


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Saturday, September 21, 2002

Wrote! Meilin fic! *squeals*


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Friday, September 20, 2002

Ee. Now will go back to writing Reni. Soletta Orihime is so COOL!~

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Halp. Blog is NOT cooperating.

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I'm STILL on Reni-hype. Neesama?


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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Argh! It keeps eating it up! Oh well.

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Yorokobi ga chotto dake Kanashii koto ga oosugite
Kurai heya Hitori neru Yoru ga kowai no

Wasuretai koto bakari Omoidasu no wa naze kashira
Kon'ya dake Nee onegai wa Kono namida wo Tomete hoshii
Mahou no you ni

Ashita wa hareru ne Janpooru Namida wa misenai
Yasashii yume to ureshii yume wo Ippai misete ne

"Doushite namida wa shoppai no?
Umi ni kaette ku kara......"

Kikanaide sono wake wa Watashi ga warui koto da mono
Ima wa tada Me wo tojiru kara Kono kimochi wo Keshite hoshii
Mahou no you ni

Ashita wa hareru ne Janpooru Namida wa misenai
Yasashii yume to ureshii yume wo Ippai misete ne

"Doushite yume wa kiechau no?
Yoru ni kaette ku kara......"

Gaman suru koto da yo ne Sukoshi otona ni natta desho
Itsumade mo Ie kon'ya dake Tokei no hari Susumasete ne
Mahou no you ni

Joy is just a little Sad things are too many
In a dark room Sleeping all alone Nighttime is scary

So many things I want to forget Why do I remember them, I wonder?
Just for tonight See, my wish is For these tears To stop
Just like magic

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Hitori de mukaeru kono asa wa sennen no rougoku
Tsumetai yoru wo kamishimeteiru

Konna asa wa Itai kara

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002


I've been re-re-reading fic lately, mainly NC-17s (for the inevitable "Masquerade" love sequence) and Chelle-humor (For the heck of it, she IS pretty funny and my humor's influenced a lot by her). I've been laughing my head off at the fic she sent me to opinionate (which I have, meaning it's GREAT) and at "A Way With Words".

Then I go clicking off to read her sister's "Kitaku" (again) and I melt with the damn tenderness in which she writes. Like makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over. In tagalog, kilig.

So basically ecerything I'm reading these days have something to do with love, loooove, humor and comedy.

So how come I feel like I want to make E-T all of a sudden?

I've had this scene going over and over in my head of a dark room, Tomoyo crying, Eriol in his favorite chair, face impassive and totally unfeeling (the BASTARD!). Then Tomoyo leaves the room, leaves the house, and its snowing outside, and Eriol watches from bay windows upstairs and he just stares as she hails a taxi and goes off to God-knows-where. And he closes his eyes and he thinks to himself, It would've happened no matter how much I tried to fight it.

Ouch, right?

So in order to get this scene off my pretty head I go re-re-reediting "Silenci", the Leni-Iris fic. And I go reading lots and lots of poetry by Michael C. Morco, and I come up with new fic ideas, and I start rehashing "Silenci" altogether! Which means it'll take longer to get to Sakura-oneesama.

Still, the E-T scene haunts my dreams, if you can believe that.

So I go trolling off to watch "Detective Conan: Skyscraper on a Timer". It's an OVA, I think, but it's not the one I saw on Mandarin TV last summer, when a lady doctor-like woman drank the same poison Kudo Shinichi drank and shrunk herself. It involved something about a jeweled egg, I think, and if anyone can identify this for me, they'll be my hero. Anyway, Conan: Skyscraper delivers effectively, as he does in the series, and the end part of the darn thing features some heavy Ran+Shinichi, (Remind me to get the damned soundtrack of this thing. I DO swear the music is fine. And if anyone has it already, um, can i have?) and my heart goes melt and yet when I return to my room I find that I still want to break Eriol and Tomoyo up.

Oh, I AM going mad.

Anyway, I'm at least glad that my ficcing isn't halting. Otherwise I'd be wriggling and struggling at the moment. I still have "Shining Light" and "Dream Chaser" to distract me. "Nocturne" is also hovering above my head.

Then again, maybe I should go write E-T and get this thing over with, hmm?

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I've been re-re-reading fic lately, mainly NC-17s (for the inevitable "Masquerade" love sequence) and Chelle-humor (For the heck of it, she IS pretty funny and my humor's influenced a lot by her). I've been laughing my head off at the fic she sent me to opinionate (which I have, meaning it's GREAT) and at "A Way With Words".

Then I go clicking off to read her sister's "Kitaku" (again) and I melt with the damn tenderness in which she writes. Like makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over. In tagalog, kilig.

So basically ecerything I'm reading these days have something to do with love, loooove, humor and comedy.

So how come I feel like I want to make E-T all of a sudden?

I've had this scene going over and over in my head of a dark room, Tomoyo crying, Eriol in his favorite chair, face impassive and totally unfeeling (the BASTARD!). Then Tomoyo leaves the room, leaves the house, and its snowing outside, and Eriol watches from bay windows upstairs and he just stares as she hails a taxi and goes off to God-knows-where. And he closes his eyes and he thinks to himself, It would've happened no matter how much I tried to fight it.

Ouch, right?

So in order to get this scene off my pretty head I go re-re-reediting "Silenci", the Leni-Iris fic. And I go reading lots and lots of poetry by Michael C. Morco, and I come up with new fic ideas, and I start rehashing "Silenci" altogether! Which means it'll take longer to get to Sakura-oneesama.

Still, the E-T scene haunts my dreams, if you can believe that.

So I go trolling off to watch "Detective Conan: Skyscraper on a Timer". It's an OVA, I think, but it's not the one I saw on Mandarin TV last summer, when a lady doctor-like woman drank the same poison Kudo Shinichi drank and shrunk herself. It involved something about a jeweled egg, I think, and if anyone can identify this for me, they'll be my hero. Anyway, Conan: Skyscraper delivers effectively, as he does in the series, and the end part of the darn thing features some heavy Ran+Shinichi, (Remind me to get the damned soundtrack of this thing. I DO swear the music is fine. And if anyone has it already, um, can i have?) and my heart goes melt and yet when I return to my room I find that I still want to break Eriol and Tomoyo up.

Oh, I AM going mad.

Anyway, I'm at least glad that my ficcing isn't halting. Otherwise I'd be wriggling and struggling at the moment. I still have "Shining Light" and "Dream Chaser" to distract me. "Nocturne" is also hovering above my head.

Then again, maybe I should go write E-T and get this thing over with, hmm?

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Sunday, September 15, 2002

Oh! Have I mentioned that "Detective Conan" (I dunno what it is in Japanese. Hooe.) is THE cutest detective in anime history?

I can be corrected there but I still think Edogawa RULES, man.

Why? I wrote this dwon in the disk post but I'll say it again, so people, forgive the redundancy. I watched "Detective Conan: Skyscraper on a Timer OAV" this weekend. Thrice. Hello, world, I am now a fangrrl.

Tin-san? I seem to remember something from the old ML about you going to write ShinichixRan? Where where where?

I suddenly have this insane, absolute desire to write Detective Conan fic but am hindered by two main things. Conan is a kid, and Ran is in high school. Shinichi doesn't exist, and I don't have ANY idea as to how to write mysteries.

Also! If anyone has MP3 from "Detective Conan", can I have anything? I'd most like "Happy Birthday" from the OVA, take a listen, 'cause it's a cool song. The Conan soundtrack is COOL.

*squeals squeals squeals*

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I think I freaked when I mailed everybody that email I found in my inbox when someone said FF.n was going to ban NC-17s. Yeah, I do think I freaked. When someone says BAN to me, my head hits overdrive. It's the radicalist tendencies. I live in revolutions.

Then again, I kind of not like the idea of banning NC-17s. I mean, not all of 'em are smut, (okay! So MOST of 'em are smut.) and 'sides, if I didn't see that link at Oneesama's I probably never would've known it actually existed. In any case, now that I've got that link, I see no further reasons to not ban NC-17s. I think.

There IS this thing we all call artistic freedom, but some people (like producers of Seiko Cinema in the Philippines!) tend to muddle the line between porn and art. There's always a never ending argument on the subject of art being porn and vice versa and a lot of writers in FF.n do the same thing. So my opinion on the NC-17 banning would beeeeee:

I have absolutely no idea.

So there.

Anyway, onto other, better things: I made a whole post last night and I even included a snippet of that E-T I was writing but I left the disk at home so I guess I'll put it up tomorrow. Also, I've been re-re-reediting "Silenci", so now it'll take an even longer while to get to 'neesan. Ho well. I've been pruning that fic so much I think I'm practically rewriting the darn thing. Which is good, I think?

This morning I woke up at 2 am. Which is bad considering where I live and exactly how far my house is from my university. (Yes, that's a matter of TWO friggin' hours, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. In fact, it even becomes three hours if there's a lot of traffic, grr.) Anyway, I woke up, found it raining very very hard outside, and proceeded to write part II of E-T blasphemy. My heart does hurt.

What is it about writers and situations like night and rain and snow?

I dunno about you guys but when it rains I like to write sad fic. And when it's sunny and windy I plop in the beanbag at the rec room and I go writing happy fic and watch all the fallen leaves fly in circular motions, and I think of autumn, even if there isn't autumn in the Philippines.

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Friday, September 13, 2002

Hwee. Oneesama dedicated fic to me!

I DO *sparkle*.

Been trying, very very hard, might I add, to write feelgood fluffy EriolxTomoyo. This is for "Dream Chaser", only moods are not cooperating. I was walking down the street to my house when I had this idea that if I could go write "Beautiful Alone", I could go write E-T as well, and probably with a lot more panache than ever.

And then I thought: "BLASPHEMY!"

Hwell, hwell THERE'S an idea.

*smiles evilly*.

And maybe I can even think of a reason just so it's ERIOL going off to break things up with Tomoyo! Just for kicks.

God, I'm being VERY evil.

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Thursday, September 12, 2002

yes it is. most of my work is, actually. but hell... LIFE is, for the most part, depressing.

we go through life imagining that it'll all be roses and rainbows till we realize that it'll never be like that.. and we compensate accordingly. we build walls around ourselves, preparing for the worst.. half-expecting Life to punch us in the gut..

..then it looks you in the eye and you think you're both on the same page and that It'll finally cut you some slack.. then it decides to kick you at the crotch instead.

This should be somewhere in my main log.

Sir Rafs, you kick ass. You are SO friggin' right.

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You. Hwee. I wanna banner! With Sakura-chan! or Iris Chateaubriand. Whatever works. And oh! You promised me a CD? Laruko, I seem to remember? Fourth Ave. Cafe? And Her Most Beautiful Smile?

I'm trying very hard to smile. Help me smile?

And I'm not cooperating. Don't blame the fics.

Oneesama, arigato for correcting my broken Japanese. I have AXN translation madness. Hoooe. *glomps*

You! *glomps* I love you. Thanks for beta. BIIIIG thanks.

And You. Domo arigatou goazaimas. I love you. And thank you. Again. Over and over.

I love you all. ^-^

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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Oneesama!! *glomps*

Must thank Chelle for beta. Must go home and cry myself to sleep. For details, click here.

I'm sorry, guys. Not up to being perky as I usually am. >.<

Will recover soon.

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Monday, September 09, 2002

Yes, you and you may MST any summary of mine. In fact, take as many as you wish. Anything for a good laugh, it's what a lot of people need these days, I do think.

And hey! I was from a Catholic school, too! With nuns and priests and all the blessed sacraments and a great big church right beside my school building and lovely, lovely choir music. I sang in the choir. I even went and read readings for Mass. I memorized the whole Bible. I know all my aints by heart. In any case, I don't think I'm much different from her.

Which is why "Masquerade", even in all its gory glory, has, amazingly, no hentai scene. Not one. At all. In the unedited version.

Like her, I have lots and lots of trouble writing scenes of that effect. Trouble because hey, first up I'm a 17 year old virgin (which is not to say that the solution to all of my problems is get laid, once and for all, because, NO I am most certainl not that desperate) and I have no idea about.. things and if I do write down mild het it looks like a scene from a trashy romance novel, which is, the, uhm, point.

So, all. Help?

I've read some NC17s over and over to no avail. >.<

Oh, and to-write list is growing. Look there. ---->

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Sunday, September 08, 2002

Ha! Leni fic is done! Dooooone! Now for a beta-reader.... *looks around* Sa-chan? Beta me?

I feel so lost between fics that I'm experiencing writing withdrawal. I'm in the middle of four ExTs whose plots are all contradicting so I can't do the old standby of ficcing all four at the same time.

First up is the still-unfinished "Starcast"; the time-travel fic based on "Somewhere in Time";

Then there's the humor oneshot "Waiting For You", based on a guitar piece (I'm basing a fic on a guitar piece. Sue me.) by Lee Ritenour;

Then there's "The Dream Chaser", which no details will be offered 'til further notice.

And then there's "One", another humor oneshot. For god's sakes, I'm taking long to write oneshots. Oneshots. There's got to be something seriously wrong with me.

Must read also, "Psyche" by B.Na, "Midnight" series by Chelle, "Akogare" & "Scenes from an Afternoon" by Sakura-san (Sakura-san, can I call you oneesama??), "A Cappella" by Kit, "Icebreakers" by Meg, and a whole other lot of fanfiction in order to reacquiant myself with ExT humor that doesn't bite.


Ficcing is a dangerous business.

Anyway, just so I don't forget, I have to go read Silverlight and Jae-san, too.

Woh-key. For Sakura-san, Leni-fic, "Silenci" will come through sometime this week. Either on email or blog format. I hope. If not, I might've forgotten, so remind me. Repeatedly.

Oh, and here's a startling opening line from "If Only For a Day"'s sequel, "Still":

"For sale: MY LIFE. Highest bidder collects."


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Friday, September 06, 2002

Oh, and because I've gone back to watching TV, I will go write my Takari now like a good little Ekai. (That means "Wounds" which hasn't been updated, in, like, forever.)

And I will go work on "Aoi Namida" again.

Then I'll be buried in so much fics-to-write that I'll just up and halt ficcing again, the way I usually do.

God I love my life.

Oh, oh!

Reread Circe-san's "Kitaku". I'm green, neon green with envy. Mew.

I feel so inferior to these people sometimes. >.<

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For the enjoyment of the masses: "Could've Been"'s sparkling new, reedited 2nd chapter. Can only be found here, on Charmed and Dangerous, for the moment.

legality: CLAMP owns it. characters used without permission

for Varon, and Chelle-san.


"what dismantles the memory of loss is the desire to know"

- "The Weight of Clouds"; Melinda Tongco


Two: Of Sunlight, Streaming

His name is Clow Reed and I hate him with all my soul.

I hate him because he is who he is. Hate him because he threaten everything I hold dear, everything I cherish, everything I live for.

I hate him because he endangers the very reasons I exist.

I hate him because he is who he is.

I hate him because he has swept into my life, unannounced.

I hate him, most of all, because he conquers me.

In every possible way.


Daidouji Tomoyo was strictly non-magic folk. Strictly. She had about as much magic as a brick, or a block of cement. She was content in staying in the sidelines filming darling Sakura-chan and Li-kun and, to an extent, Hiiragizawa Eriol-kun. She was happy just standing by letting them do the work. She didn't feel left out. Not really.

But once, in that long-ago visit to Hong Kong, she had felt something that might be appropriately classified as magic. More specifically, kehai, or aura.

Well, Tomoyo hadn't known for sure, and she still didn't know. She really had no idea what in the world kehai was, much less what it felt like. She had asked Sakura-chan, once, about what "feeling an aura" was like.

"It's like... your heart speeds up, and you feel someone or.. something new, iie, you feel something that doesn't quite fit a picture, something... off. You feel.. images of things," Sakura had said. "Does that make sense, Tomoyo-chan?"

It hadn't. Not until that one day in Hong Kong.

When the plane landed she had felt a strange sensation run through her spine, like chills, only much, much colder, as if a cube of ice itself had traveled along the inside of her back. She felt something very deep in her heart that spelled out great power in a language she didn't know but could strangely understand.

And that one night, at the house of the Lis, she had had that dream of a woman with long black hair, a lot like hers, only this woman's hair was straight, and flowing. She vaguely remembered words spoken to her in slow Cantonese, but she didn't understand so she didn't remember them all. She also remembered feeling a strange sort of urgency, as if time was running out, and of anticipation, as if something new and good was about to happen.

She had not told Sakura-chan. Of course she hadn't. She didn't want Sakura-chan to be bothered with another extra burden, as at that time she had already a lot on her hands. Then, when the crisis passed, she was so overcome with relief and happiness that she didn't have time to think along such matters and the thought completely slipped her mind. She dismissed it as some sort of freak phenomena, or coincidence, or maybe Hong Kong really was just a magic place, and everyone who went there felt the aura, though they weren't aware of it, as they hadn't been exposed to strange happenings and Clow Cards and the like since they were twelve.

And that was that. Or so she thought.


"Shunshou Jouka?" Chiharu asked.

"That's the title of the screenplay," said Eriol. "It's about this sorcerer who meets a water mage in ancient China. He endangers her livelihood just by being there because she's a fortune-teller, and well, he's better than her. But he doesn't know that. So the water mage gets mad and tries to defeat the sorcerer, only she can't. Anyway, he falls in love with her, and she doesn't know, and he gives her a present on her birthday before he leaves for another country."

"Where's the second chance?" Naoko asked.

"Several years later, after both the sorcerer and the water mage have died, the sorcerer is reincarnated and he tries to find the soul of the water mage to tell her that he loved her after all, and not make the same mistake."

They quieted, mulling this over.

"I like it," Rika said, finally.

"It's positively romantic!" Chiharu gushed.

"It somehow sounds familiar," Xiao Lang muttered. Sakura nudged him.

"Hush!" Sakura hissed.

Eriol turned to Tomoyo. "Daidouji--"

He broke off at the thoughtful look on her face.

Tomoyo looked up, and to Eriol it felt like forever before she met his eyes.

"It's a nice concept, Hiiragizawa-kun."

Chiharu had already gone to the front of the class.

"Hiiragizawa-kun has written us a screenplay," she said.

The class cheered.

"Naoko and I are going to go through it very carefully. We'll be ready with roles next week."


"You made a play about yourself," Syaoran told Eriol that afternoon while walking home. "You are SO egotistic."

"It's not about me, it's about CLOW," Eriol corrected.

"And Madoushi-san," Sakura added. "It's really quite nice, Syaoran-kun, and on short notice, too."

Syaoran blushed and looked at the ground.

"I wonder what role I'm going to get..." Sakura trailed off. "What about you, Tomoyo-chan? Aren't you curious?"

"I'll probably be behind the scenes, designing the sets and costume," Tomoyo replied.

Eriol sincerely hoped she wouldn't.

"Oh, but Tomoyo-chan! You're a shoo-in for Madoushi's role!" Sakura gushed. "You're a really good actress, a really good singer, and... and.. you have black hair!"

Tomoyo smiled. "Thanks, Sakura-chan. I'll do my best if I'm picked."

Eriol echoed everything Sakura said silently. It was true, if he thought about it very very hard, Eriol could almost see Madoushi within Tomoyo. But of course that was just a coincidence. Madoushi was Chinese, after all. And a lot more hot-tempered than Daidouji-san would ever be.

Sakura turned to Eriol. "You'll be playing Clow-san, right?"

Eriol shrugged. "I don't know, Yanagisawa-san or Mihara-san might not pick me."

"Oh, of course they'll pick you," Syaoran piped up. "There's no one in our class quite as kooky as you are." At that he received another hard nudge from Sakura, and Eriol thought that Xiao Lang was certainly getting a lot of physical abuse from Sakura-san lately, and he wondered if his descendant had done anything wrong to her.

"Be nice, Syaoran-kun!" Sakura admonished.

Eriol laughed. "It's all right, Sakura-san, he's really quite right." Which he was, sort of.

They kept on walking, and Eriol stared at Tomoyo talking to Sakura. What was that he felt the other day, when he'd had that damned dream about Clow, and saw Daidouji-san the next morning? Madoushi's kehai. Madoushi's magic signature. Of course, that had only been for a second, and maybe it was only a trick of the light and somehow when she looked like Madoushi for that one infinitesimal second a reccuring memory had surfaced and it was Madoushi's aura. That was probably it, Tomoyo didn't have magic within her. Eriol closed his eyes and felt around her presence. Nope, definitely no magic.

But the thought kept nagging at him.

They came to the crossroads at the park, where they would all have to part ways, as Eriol and Tomoyo had to go east to get to Tomoeda Hills and Syaoran west to his apartment, and Sakura further north, but Syaoran volunteered to walk Sakura home as always, and they all said their "see you tomorrow"s and left.

Eriol and Tomoyo walked in silence, and Eriol began to pick at that thought he'd just had, and before he realized it they'd arrived at the gates of the Daidouji house.

"Thank you for walking me home, Hiiragizawa-kun," Tomoyo said, and she smiled at him.

For that half-second she did, Eriol again felt an aura, this time not Madoushi's. He couldn't identify it. When he looked at Tomoyo again, his eyes widened and his jaw nearly dropped. Tomoyo's face had transformed into Madoushi's!

He blinked, and when he opened his eyes everything was right again, Tomoyo was still Tomoyo.

"Hiiragizawa-kun?" Tomoyo asked.

He shook his head, cleared it. Damn that Clow, now he couldn't think straight. He was even seeing things because of that damned dream. Tomoyo was Tomoyo, of course. She couldn't be Madoushi. God.

"I.. I'm fine," Eriol assured her. "I'm a little sleepy, I guess."

"You're sure? Maybe we should take you inside--"

"No, I'm fine, really."

"--or maybe I should get one of the guards to drive you home--"

"No, no, Daidouji-san, I'm fine, completely. Please," he said, smiling, "don't worry."

Tomoyo didn't look any convinced.

"I'm really okay," Eriol said.

"If you're sure..." Tomoyo said hesitatingly.

"I am," he told her. "I must get going. Thank you for the company, Daidouji-san. I'll see you tomorrow."

"... Mata ashita, Hiiragizawa-kun," she said.

He walked away in the direction of home.

Tomoyo was left there, staring at him retreat, and thought that lately Hiiragizawa-kun had been acting very strange indeed, if that were even possible, given who he was and how he acted everyday. Still, Hiiragizawa-kun was her friend, and friends looked out for each other. She'd do something about it in the morning.



She tried to open her eyes, but couldn't. Then she realized that her eyes WERE, after all, open. But she was within such stark darkness that her eyes, open or closed, could see nothing.


She looked around, trying to find the source of the voice that kept calling her name.

She turned around and saw a tiny speck of light in the distance. Seeing as it was the only logical thing she could follow, she went ahead, her mind blessedly fuzzy enough to believe anything.

When she got to the end of the path, the light grew brighter and brighter until it enveloped her.

She opened her eyes again once they adjusted to the light and saw at once that she was in a four-poster bed, gauzy curtains billowing around her.

Tomoyo's common sense was saying that she was in surroundings that were very, very unfamiliar. Yet somehow she knew exactly where to go, what to do. There was an armoire in the corner. A table with a basin of water. A glass mirror atop a table of beechwood.

She felt herself stand up and go to the table. She washed her face and her hands, then took a towel she just knew was sitting ready to her left.

She turned to the mirror.

Eyes of shadowed gray stared back at her.

... What is this place? Where am I?

'You are in my time, in my body,' said a voice from inside her. 'You are here to watch, and to listen, and to... understand.'

Tomoyo thought this was all very odd, seeing as everything around her was making her more confused by the minute. This was all very strange, but, it felt more like a familiar sort of strange. Tomoyo felt as if common sense had absolutely no use in this place, wherever it was.

She stared back at the mirror and saw herself, only she knew it wasn't her at all, because the woman in the mirror had gray eyes and not violet. Tomoyo's eyes were violet. That she knew for a fact. But somehow she didn't seem so sure.

Already then, as Tomoyo were thinking her thoughts, she-- though it felt more like a 'they'-- was moving toward the armoire, and selected silk robes of wine red and white and gold. She put them on with great ceremony, taking painstaking attention to every crease, every fold, every line. Then she turned to the table with the mirror and took out a jeweled box engraved with dragons.

She found jewels, though there weren't so many, were still the most exquisite pieces she had ever seen in her life.

She had a feeling that the stones were not meant for mere decoration alone.

'You are right,' said the voice. <'Rubies, for courage, and onyx for protection against the dark forces. And, of course, the water stone, to summon with, to purify.'

She held up two bangles embedded with sapphires in white gold, and put them on.

Who are you? Tomoyo asked.

'All of your questions will be answered in due time,' replied the voice.

She walked out of the room, out of the house. She walked through crowded streets where people hushed in reverence as she passed.

Hidden from most of the world, away from the dust and the noise, in a shaded area still untouched, a structure stood, elegant and erect, sparkling still in the sunlight.

This is a well, Tomoyo thought.


She sat down at the edge of the well and felt the power emanating from the water. It was a strange, new sensation, as if her senses-- all of them-- were tuned in to a single element.

'You have never had magic in your hands before, have you?' asked the voice.

No, she answered. This is new to me.

'Touch the water, then,'
said the voice.

Tomoyo hesitated.

'Do not be afraid. The water is your friend.'

So she did. And the water rose to her and did as she commanded. It floated through the air in a serpent-like motion then dispersed itself into tiny, sparkling droplets. Then the droplets turned into ice, and shattered, and fell back to the well.

'You see? It follows you.'

She nodded absently, fascinated. How am I able to do this?

the voice answered. 'You are me, and because you are, water follows you.'

How did it happen, how am I you?

'Those questions will be answered in due time, Tomoyo. I fear your heart is still not ready for the truth.'

She continued, weaving the water in and out of her hands, mystified-- even intoxicated.

'Ask it a question this time, ask it to be still, and ask it something, anything at all.'

"Be still," Tomoyo said softly.

The waters stilled, driven by magic force not even to ripple, so its surface was exactly like a mirror's.


She didn't even need to think. The question came to her.

"What is my destiny?"

The waters glittered, then swirled of their own volition. From its depths a voice sang out, a voice made of many, collective voices.

"It is not a matter of what, but of who," sang the voices. "Because once you find him, everything will follow."

From the depths of the water she could make out blurry outlines of a face, dark hair, half-moon glasses, a benign smile.

Clow Reed.

She stared.

And then Clow's face dissolved into that of...

Hiiragizawa Eriol.

It is time now.


Tomoyo woke up, sweaty and out of breath, safe in her room, the moon casting shadows from her balcony. She looked around. She was in her body, in her world, and all was right, she was dreaming.

But she was confused.

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Thursday, September 05, 2002

hey, Sakura-san, Varon dahling, Chelle-san, Kit-san, Belle-san, Eves-san:

Let's all go check this out, shall we? I think it's roaring good. Got it off a friend. Underground stuff, though, tread carefully.

This is something I think we'll all get a good laugh off, and a slap to the head at that.

I remember a time when a lot of us were discussing popular fics and ficdom.


There you go, let's read. If you guys know about this site already, tell me, 'kay? I'm having fun. Hmm.

She gunned them down | 10:00 PM

Ngwak. A Nakago-ish scene in Masquerade and still the fans clamor. This is getting creepy.

When I first showed "Masquerade" to my beta-reader, Luna, she went ballistic with the notion of... child prostitution. In fact, she kind of went haywire on me, wailing about how I could do it to someone as prim and proper as Hiiragizawa Eriol-san, and it was... uhm. Well, I think that just goes to show the darned Christian upbringing most of us have, and the limits it puts on a person's persona. (person's persona, sounds like a stutter)

I remember the day I talked about that chapter to my friends, who I consider most open-minded, and definitely can take my dregs down with a cup of well-aimed coffee or even a bottle of Coca-Cola in the event that no coffee is available, that they all said that the concept of a little kid, poor as he is, being a prostitute is just plain, "yech". A sad "yech", but a "yech" first and foremost. Still, as the damned scene is needed (yes, darlings, it IS needed because that is the only factoid in Lord Big-shot Hiiragizawa's miserable existence that deserves the love of a Kurotori I know) I went on to write, and upload, and to my utter surprise, am praised.

No, seriously, guys? You really think it's good?


Well, I did put the rating there for a reason, and I hope no Catholic-school kids stumble along "Masquerade". I won't go hentai or anything, but themes are objectionable. Verily. Anyway, yes, Varon darling, that was inspired by your Nakago fic, actually, so, hwee. And, yeah I'm trying to make myself more multimedia. Eep. Just wanna know how many Pinoys there are reading me. ^-^

If you're Pinoy and you read Ekai Ungson, go tell me, tell me now!

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You shouldn't let me anywhere near coding.

She gunned them down | 12:39 AM


She gunned them down | 12:33 AM

Updating, updating, updating.

She gunned them down | 12:30 AM

Ahahaha! Sakura-san finally got to read "Beautiful Alone"! I feel so cute. And loved. Eee.

Got Chelle-san to beta-read the new, improved, "Could've Been". Honestly, if I didn't like the concept so much I might just throw it out. Anyway, since I have Chelle and Ciircee-san to pelt with help mail, I should be fine.

Hey. I just noticed that most, if not all my fics, have gone through very little editing. Plus the most recent ones have never been beat-read. God. I miss Luna. She beta-read for me in high school, but now she's at university that's pretty far away from where I am. Tsk.

I need a beta-reader. Volunteers?

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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

A friend of mine from La Salle told me that someone was badmouthing us on the internet, through a blog. I went to the link and found an entry that, well, it really made me think.

Ye all know that the dulcets and I aced the Instud exams (with FLYING colors, said Den-den) last... uh, I don't remember. Well, this person who calls herself a "Sweet Little Angel" (ummm, yeah) has written a whole entry about me and my dulcets, testifying that we are selfish little b*tches and that we act so high-and-mighty about our 4.0.

Maite has said that we oughtn't reply, for reasons, well, obvious enough. Iji seconds the motion. But since "Angel" went to MY blog for reference, well, then I should write down my reasons for walking. One entry, guys, to explain and discuss that day exactly the way the dulcets saw it, to our meeting the morning after.

Let me take you back to that day.

Arrived at Miguel but saw no people. Met Karl under the Miguel clock and asked where the boys were, he said they hadn't arrived yet. Went inside Z2 and found Iji with Jenny and Mica. Still no Maite.

Liea arrived and told us to go to the Velasco building, where a room had been set up. By that time there were already a lot of people. Met Maite along the path with the circle chairs outside Miguel's other door. Went to Velasco.

We climbed up and found ourselves an empty room. Then I had the idea to go up to the fourth floor and witness Voltage's "Ikaapat na Palapag" for myself. The dulcets went along, and Carlos followed us.

I asked Maite about the exam papers.

"'Di ba tayo ang kukuha nung exam?" I asked. (Aren't we supposed to go fetch the exams?)

"Oo," said Maite (Yeah). "The block pres is supposed to be getting them."

"What's Liea doing?"


"Oh," I said. "Hey, I know that exam's really hard. If we keep stalling like this I know we won't have enough time to hit it right. Shouldn't we go get the stuff?"

"Liea's gonna take care of it daw," said Maite.

"But Liea's not doing anything," Iji said.

I shrugged. "Look, let's just go get it, okay?"

We went down and off to William Hall we trotted. We went to Miss Nikki's office in the seventh floor and asked for the papers. She said they were still being photocopied by the secretary.

We waited there. Miss Nikki went to the library. The secretary arrived and we helped her staple the exams together. Then we took the whole lot along with a sheaf of yellow pad with strict instructions: "The fourth page is still at the photocopiers, and only one sheet of yellow paper per person."

We went back to Velasco and gave away the test papers and repeated the instructions. Maite had to hit the blackboard twice in order to be heard above the din. "GUYS! Wala pa yung fourth page (There's no fourth page yet). It's going to be brought here but we don't know when. Okay? As for the yellow pad, one sheet per person."

The class was NOT listening. Maite repeated what she said.

The class was still not listening. They were asking "hey, where's the fourth page?". Maite's face was deadly deceiving. I knew that look. When Maite gets pissed, a lot of people don't know it's happening. She repeated what she said. Again.

While we were going down William Hall, we already talked about leaving the block. We discussed it further as we went up Velasco Building. Now Maite was definitely annoyed, and I told Iji in a low voice that "we ought to get Maite out here. Let's get all of us outta here".

We left. Some people turned and asked us where we were going.

"Somewhere!" said Maite.

Nico asked me where we were going.

I opened the door and put on my apologetic face. "Starbucks. We're really hungry."

The door closed, and off we went.

We went to the Malate office, opened the windows and turned on the radio to listen to Magic 89.9's "All Request Saturday". We laid out our handouts and the test.

"Hey," I said. "Aren't we in charge of Islamic Resurgence?"

"Yeah," Iji replied.

"... There's no Islamic Resurgence here," I stated, flipping the pages of the testpaper.

"Yeah?" Iji repeated.

"Yeah. Look it over."

They looked. Maite shrugged. "That settles it, then. It doesn't have our assigned topic. We're off the hook."

"Can't expect us to work for something we didn't study for," I chirped in a singsong voice. We assigned ourselves to work. The test was divided according to the readings. Maite got North-South gap. Iji took Development and International Development. I went to kill Green Politics and Feminist Thought.

We hadn't even gone headway when our cellphones began to collectively sound off.

"What the--?"

Maite's phone went off first. It was a blockmate, K-ann. Maite muttered a few choice words and hung up.

Iji and I stared at her.

"Bakit daw? Ano kailangan nila?" (Why, what did they want?) asked Iji.

"The fourth page is missing," Maite said.

"Duh," I replied. "Shouldn't they already know that?"

"Apparently not," Maite answered as she picked up her phone. It had begun ringing again. "K-ann," she said, to inform us of who the caller was.

Maite, again, muttered the words "IT'S COMING" into her phone. Then she hung up.

My phone rang.

"Hey. It's Sam," I said.

Iji looked at me. I waited for the phone to stop sounding. It didn't. I handed the phone to Maite. Who again, repeated what she told K-ann.

K-ann called Maite again.

Maite got exasperated. "I'm going over there," she muttered grimly.

"Hey, don't!" I said. "Let 'em figure it out. Didn't you tell 'em already--"

"THRICE," Maite said. "Anyway. I don't think they heard. I'll be back."

"Do you want me to go with you?" I asked.

"You don't need to," Maite replied. Already she was going down the stairs.

When Maite left, we went back to answering. "Iris" played on 89.9. Then "I'll Be" played on 89.9. Then "Iris"' acoustic version played. Then commercials.

Maite still wasn't back. It had been roughly fifteen minutes.

"I'm worried about Maite," I told Iji. "She didn't bring her phone. We can't contact her."

"She should've brought her phone," Iji agreed.

"I think I'll go follow her," I said.

I picked up my phone and secured the handouts under a book. "I'll be back with Maite," I told Iji. She nodded.

On my way to Velasco, along SJ walk, I received text from Miss Nikki that said that the fourth page had arrived. I went to William Hall and got three sheets of the page from Miss Nikki. Then I went back down in search of my friend.

Along Miguel I spotted Maite, wearing a harassed look.

"Hey, hey, I've got the fourth page. How are they?" I asked.

"They are so...!" Maite cried. She went on to relate what happened to her.

She arrived and was interrogated by the block. She told them that she ALREADY told them about the fourth page.

Liea had apparently turned to her and said, "You didn't tell us."

Which we knew for a fact as an absolute lie. Maite told the class thrice but they didn't have enough in them to LISTEN.

I took back a ranting and raving Maite to Connon Hall, up to the Malate office.

Iji had answered half of her assigned questions.

Throughout the morning, Maite couldn't function. She ranted and ranted, apologizing to us about not working.

"Ano ka ba," said Iji. "Okay lang." (What are you talking about? It's okay.)

"Yeah," I echoed. "Let it all out. Let us do the work. You've been doing it for us the whole term."

She smiled at us.

We continued to work and took a lunch break with JM, a Malate member. We went to Jollibee. When we went back, Maite's mood was considerably lighter, and she was with us once again.

We finished at around 7. By that time Miss Nikki had given us our score: Perfect.

That night, Maite texted me saying that John had called her and said that a lot of our blockmates hated us for hitting the road. Before that, we had already talked to the Boys and told them of our reasons. Told them that we were in Malate the whole time and if they had needed any help all they had to do was text us. Which they didn't need, as they had gotten a 37/40.

I called her then, and she told me we had to meet the next morning and talk about the happenings. I told her that we were, in essence, faultless, as 1.) our assigned topic wasn't there so they don't really expect us to give them any answers, legally anyway, 2.) we were completely accesible but they didn't call so we didn't move, and 3.) they got a high score just the same. We could probably take it to any court of law.

Still, she said. I agreed.

The next morning, I met with the dulcets in the Malate office and we talked. Maite said she had related the incident to her parents and they sided with her-- us.

"That must account for something," Maite said.

"We didn't do anything wrong," I said. "It's their minds construing it. I frankly don't care what they say. I can take them to any court in the Philippines and I know I'll still win. We'll still win."

We agreed to this proposition. At the Logic exam, nobody seemed to display disdain of any sort to us. Even Paolo, who was rumored to be really fired up by us, was still talking to me.

We asked around. Everyone said that they understood us for leaving, that it was okay. It was over. We weren't blacklisted, extricated. We were still fine with the block, and the block was fine with us.

We already know that we three are quite possibly the most opposing of the block. We are quite probably the most radical thinkers and reactors. We were the outcasts, we knew it, we wore it.

Anyway, the purpose of this entry is to relate our true reasons, and our true mindsets, seeing as to how "Angel" has construed it to her realities and applied false logic without knowing what the truth was.

First of all, we do not brag that we are geniuses. We do not brag that we are smartest in the class. We do not shove it to your faces. Maite told us not to brag about our 4.0 to anyone when we got it. We were fine with that. What "Angel" construes as bragging may be the fact that I said we got a 4 without help from anyone. This is just an expression of my joy, and pride that we did it all by ourselves. It is NOT gloating. But then again, if she thinks so, then I let her be. I stand by my reasons.

Here I quote her entry: "But anyway, there's this just one teensy-weensy problem. Three of the smarter ones in my class, namely Kari, Donna and Teresa (but call themselves Ekai, Iji and Maite - eww, how CORNY!), decided to just up and go from our class, leaving us without a lot to do edgewise."

One of all, I don't think the class had problems, seeing as they got a 3.5 through their 37/40 exam. I do think this is sourgraping in extreme proportion. I think the block is not helpless. I think they can fend for themselves whether my dulcets are there or not. I think they have enough knowledge between them (and a TON of handouts to boot, plus Miss Nikki) to ace the exam.

Quoting again: "I checked out Ekai's blog recently, just to get both sides of the story. Actually, as I am typing this up I have her blog open in a separate window, looking back at it now and then for reference. And MY GOD, that little bitch is SO going to get it from me someday!!!!!"

Darling dear, I should LOVE to see you try. It should be a point of high amusement to me and my darling dulcets. If you are such a coward as to hide under a pseudonym then I should like to see you try and get even with me-- to my face. Thank you. Now, while you hide under a false name and within the shadows of the internet then you have absolutely no right to talk.

Quoting again: "What pisses me off is that they have to act so high-and-mighty about it. Yes, you're brilliant, yes, you're geniuses, yes, you got your quatros all by yourselves, but please, DO NOT BRAG ABOUT IT. You're going to get your come-uppances someday...maybe not today, but someday...and when that happens, I'M going to be the one thumbing MY NOSE at YOU!!! And you have the gall to call yourselves "demigoddesses." DEMIGODESSES MY BUTT!!!"

I think I've already said this, but I'll say it again in any case: we were not bragging. Define bragging, as Maite would say. We will contest your every word. Should we get our "come-uppances" as you say, you may gloat to us about it. For now, try to contain your anger. We demigoddesses don't like to muddle in business of this sort.

(WELL! Or you may be just jealous because we are demigoddesses and you are not? *theatrical gasp*) ^-^

Quoting again: "However, what they did goes totally against that. It's more of an American way of thinking: "I'll get to the top without you (or at least with a few of my trusted friends), and I'll laugh it out when I'm there cause all of you idiots are still stuck at the bottom trying to help everyone else up." Yes, it ensures success, yes, it provides fulfillment, BUT at the expense of others. Nobody likes being stepped on. Nobody likes seeing someone succeed at his/her own expense. So what happens? You've got everything you ever wanted: money, fame, success...but you don't have friends or even family."

Oh, my heart does melt. Don't it make your heart melt, guys? One of all, we were accessible. Totally so. It's not like we went up a tower. If you had wanted us, you'd probably find us. We were going to go back after brunch but seeing as Maite was infuriated we decided not to. Besides, weren't you all fine on your own? Or, "Angel" darling, maybe YOU were the only one not fine? Seems you are.

We never stepped on anyone and laughed at the top of our lungs. Did you for a fact hear us say: "Hey, Blockmates! We got a 4.0! And what did YOU get?"? And we knew in our hearts that you could do it by yourselves and you didn't need us. You, after all, passed La Salle. That accounts for something, shouldn't it? Or maybe you, darling dear, don't believe in yourself enough to think that you could be independent? What, are we your keepers now? Can you not exist without us? Oh, darling, do give me a call. Poor helpless thing.

We have each other. And to us that is all that matters. To me all that matters is having Iji and Maite by my side. I trust in them and believe in them as I have never believed in anyone before.

Last quote: "I'm SO going to get you someday, you little bitches."

Do go ahead, darling dear. We'll be waiting when you finally ditch the shell you're hiding under and face us in a duel. We'll be living our happy lives while you burn under your hate-- why do you hate us so?-- while your hate consumes you. We will watch. We will stay together. We are demigoddesses. Go ahead and plan your plans. Go ahead and make like a knight slaying us dragons. If you feel you truly are so noble, truly so kind, then, darling dear, HIT ME. I would LOVE to see you do it.

We know we were right. I stand by my reasons. We know we were right. It is up to you to construe it all you like, and if I sound like a selfish b*tch in my replies to you, I apologize. Maite and Iji have refused to defend themselves against such low blows. Maybe I shouldn't have, too, but I love a good debate.

When you come out of hiding and show your face to us, that is when you may truly challenge us.

For now we are faultless.

And invincible.

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Monday, September 02, 2002

Hey! The image is lost! where is it...

She gunned them down | 8:07 PM


All I've got for today is HMMM and I'll be back later when I've finished reading Chelle-san's fic.

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Sunday, September 01, 2002

Done. Good luck, it's relatively easy anyway.

She gunned them down | 10:20 PM

Made myself a fic quiz. All interested to answer, click the link below.

Ekai's fic Quiz

I'll put up a link in the link list, too. Highest scorers get gift. Niiiiice gift. ^-^

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Today I talk about sex.

I mean I'm gonna talk about sex in "Beautiful Alone". That is, the issue concerning sex and Li Syaoran. You get it, now? Hmm.

In any case, it was extremely hard looking for a VALID enough reason to make Sakura and Syaoran break up. I mean, certainly not for a sack of potatoes. I needed something big. Something earth-shattering. Something. Anything.

One night, it came to me.

There can be nothing bigger than a betrayal about sex. Now, to incorporate the idea, I had to make either a very Evil Syaoran or a very Evil Sakura. As sex doesn't seem to be Sakura's forte, the thing goes to Syaoran. I saw something depicted very nicely, and it was "Shape of the Heart" by Rurichan on FF.n. If you can find her, read her. She's good.

So. That explains that, and I do hope you guys are appropriately satisfied.

Also, announcement: "Could've Been" is now on HIATUS. That means I won't update it for a LOOOONG time. I need to re-edit the thing. It's not yet ready.

And! Will now be updating "Until You Do". ^-^

Be happy, all.

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EEEEEE! It finally finally worked!!!!! I'm beyond elated. ELATED I tell you. ^-^ Thanks to... uh, Yukito! And Candy-san! And George! And Alli darling! And Silverlight! And Varon darling! Eeeeee! ^-^

She gunned them down | 9:08 PM

Candy-san: Arigatou! ^-^ (I'm using liquid2k but I think I'm still messing it up.)

Alli darling: Images. I need images. Help, if you can? I have NO idea as to how to use any image server anywhere. Creeps.

A resounding thank you to everyone who went to read "Beautiful Alone"! Yaaaay! ^-^

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this girl

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Age: 20-
From: the Philippines-
Job: fanfiction writer-


I fic log!~ Looking through my FF.n profile, I...
Have added Calendar-san to link list. Hweeeeeeeee....
I changed the template because it needed changing....
Fic me Shaman King and I will worship thee. I'd do...
yes, i have updated. new draco/gin fic entitled "t...
People who can point me to v. good Hiro/Kisa fan f...
People who can point me to v. good Hiro/Kisa fan f...
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is the new template working?


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