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still hoping. god i need an image server tutorial. help, anyone?

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I'm hoping an image appears.

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I'm SO lost.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

I've just gotten from FF.n and seen the feedback on "Beautiful Alone". (To read "Beautiful Alone", please go to the -Read?- link list and find my name. ^-^)

I'm having a bit of trouble with "Beautiful Alone".

Well, there's no trouble concerning the fic, really, as it is over, done with, finished, finito, but there is a bit of trouble concerning the EXTENSION of the damned thing.

If you go to my account now (it's over there by the link list, BTW) you will find the last chapter of "Beautiful Alone" uploaded and ready for the masses. If you've read it, you will see that the darn thing ends in VERY unfortunate circumstances and if you're reading this without reading the fic then get outta here NOW 'cause you're cheating! This entry contains several spoilers. You have been warned accordingly.

"Beautiful Alone", I think, ends with one of the most heartbreaking endings I have ever written in my entire life. Now, all know me as a rabu-rabu writer especially where Syaoran/Sakura is concerned. Therefore, as much as I hate to grudgingly admit, my heart breaks everytime I read the fic.

I know that a lot of fans will clamor for a sequel. Heck, I'M clamoring for a sequel. But should I break down? Should I go write it down? Should I? I don't know, exactly.

Sequel-writing can be a tad... disconcerting. I kind of like the way "BA" ended because, well, that was the point. If I wrote a sequel for it then I would defeat the point of the fic.

But it's breaking my heart, really it is, to leave it there without explanation!

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tweak! image??

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There is a LOT of work to be done on all of my fics.

I upload all of the damn things with little or no editing. That is why a lot of chapters read rushed and hurried. I have the laziness complex, as I write in longhand first and then type up later (because I am constantly mobile and I cannot bring my desktop to school, that'd be stupid)[although I know kids from my university's computer department who bring their computers to school, from monitor to mouse, must be a computer science thing] and so I find it taxing and off-putting to the point to rewrite whole chapters, along with the point that it's a terrible waste of paper and I have limited funds on buying whole notebooks to fic on.

"Could've Been" can do with a practical ton of editing. It needs a lot of pruning. It needs to be buffed and polished until it glows. I like the idea, in fact I LOVE the idea, but how I've gone on to narrate some five to six chapters look very, very BAD. I'm surprised at how people can miss my gaping plotholes and mismatched timelines. Then again, I'm not sure how exactly I went on to fill those plotholes either.

Very Big Problems Concerning "Could've Been"
1.) I notice that I've been dwelling so much on the Clow/Madoushi angle that I forgot that the point was "to combine two worlds". I've neglected the Eriol/Tomoyo angle of the story. I guess I got a little bit confused, I think I need to balance the narration.

2.) I have no idea as to how I'm going to go on about Madoushi taking over Tomoyo and at the same time have her fall madly in love with Hiiragizawa.

Eriol: How about with my dashing good looks?
Me: Shut up. -.-;;

3.) I'm getting very confused as to how Tomoyo is going to discover that she is in fact the reincarnation of Madoushi.

4.) I'm also very confused on how to handle Eriol handling Tomoyo's sudden anger at him. In fact, I'm not even sure as to how to write a Very Angry Tomoyo. She's usually so... calm.

5.) I'm having trouble with Tomoyo having trouble with Eriol's play script.

6.) I'm having trouble WRITING Eriol's play script. Seems it's a redundant scene over and over again.

See what I have to deal with?

Proposed Solutions on the Very Big Problems:
1.) Write ONE fic concerning Clow/Madoushi, set aside, then write ANOTHER fic concerning Eriol/Tomoyo, and SHUFFLE.
[This will need a lot of work on my part. "Could've Been" may not finish until late, late into the year, or even early into the next!][Not a bad idea, though. I mean, if I'm having trouble balancing two timelines, then why the heck not forgo the combination and create two different things and then combine them?]

2.) (RE)Watch Card Captor Sakura's 1st movie.
[Again. This time I need to take notes, I swear I forgot all the good lines...]

3.) (RE)Listen to the 1st Movie's soundtrack and then get the translation for "Spring Night Love Song" once and for all from Sakura-san.
[I've been meaning to have this done for a LONG time now; gomen nasai, Sakura-san!]

4.) Pelt Chelle-sama and Circe with tons and tons of email about Clow/Madoushi trivia.
[Sorry, guys, but I really need HELP!]

5.) Buy more notebooks.
[Oh maaaaan. I've only got a college kid's measly allowance.]

6.) Go reread Chelle's "Flow".

That covers that for now, I guess.

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I saw Chelle discussing the ongoing fascination of CCS writers with Kinomoto vs. Li clan wars.

I wrote something that fits the very definition of Clan War according to Chelle (actually I'm still writing it). That would be "Aoi Namida" and I will now explain why I wrote it down for the sake of putting something in my fic log. Heh.

"Aoi Namida" (very rough translation: Blue Tears) is basically an extension of the play that Yanagisawa Naoko wrote and directed in the CCS Movie. Basically I thought the idea was *cool* as I think a lot of fans were clamoring for what would've happened in the play if that durned Void hadn't interfered. I was, too. So I decided to put it down for sheer heck and see what'd happen.

So I incorporated CCS into the plot, which was basically two kingdoms warring over a magical stone (I have NO idea where that damned stone is, it wasn't stated in the movie. Why didn't someone just steal the damn thing? It couldn't be in either kingdoms as it seems that the stone has immense power and can obliterate whole civilizations, and if so, then either kingdom could use it to wipe the other from the face of the planet.). I placed the "clans" against each other as royal families from the kingdoms of Lazen (the Lis, taken from Syaoran's "lashin/rasshin/rashin" board) and Ashtora (the Kinomotos, from out of absolutely NOWHERE) with the heads of "clans" as kings and/or queens (e.g.; Kinomoto Fujitaka and Nadeshiko as the King and Queen of Ashtora and Li Yelan as Queen of Lazen, everything goes from there). Then I placed Sakura and Syaoran as the doomed lovers (but soft! what light from yonder window breaks?) who met each other at a mask ball (which is SO Baz Luhrmann's Romeo+Juliet). Then I throw in some ExT angle for diversity and added flair and more complication, then I throw in a YamazakixChiharu from out of nowhere to get the forbidden/doomed love to a "mass" angle (in the fic, Chiharu is a seamstress from Ashtora's borders and Yamazaki is Syaoran's first captain [which I sincerely hope will NOT backfire, Yamazaki tends toward the path of the humorous] and they predictably fall in love, which is a SakuraxSyaoran angle for the non-royals). Then I throw in the angle of the godforsaken magical stone, the Aoi Hoshi, and its discovery. All in all, a very confusing fic, which adds to why I still haven't gone any farther from Chapter Four.

I did the clan thing as the situation called for it, but I try not to let the war thing overshadow the idea which is forbidden love. I think that is what most ficwriters are trying to achieve with their clan wars, and besides, forbidden love can be narrated a lot more richly in medieval settings than, in, say, upright CCS standards. The thing has to be AU for it to be done right. Otherwise it flops, really.

I agree with Chelle-san in saying that a lot of ficwriters have gone to overexaggerate the literal meanings of the names of the cast. I think Syaoran should just remain Syaoran and Sakura remain Sakura, for consistency if not anything else. It's a tad off-putting to read "Little Wolf" or "Cherry Blossom" in the middle of a story. At best, I think writers should use the Chinese pronunciation/spelling of Syaoran's name, Xiao Lang (or Shao Lang, as you prefer) to make it sound a little more royal-y and old and profound. After all, it is a tad strange to call a grown man/prince by "Little Wolf". Come on, people, you can do a lot better than that.

Also, the idea of Tomoyo being a "Plum Blossom" is a tad... prevalent.
I don't even know where that came from. It is so prevalent that I believed it myself until Sakura sought to correct me by saying that Tomoyo meant "friendly world". I checked my worder and couldn't find "tomo" anywhere near plum. I think it's Tomoyo's hair or eyes that perpetuated this, as her hair is black and her eyes violet which are, well, plum colors. Next they'll be calling Eriol "He Who Dreams Alone". Come ON. It might appear pretty or royal-sounding to a lot but the thing still reads awkward. It really does.

All I want to say is that ficwriters should try to write the "clan wars" down in such a way that it doesn't read like such a big cliche. I mean, the idea's been tried and tested so don't tire it out. Try to give these fics of yours a whole new meaning, or insert bitty unpredictable things here and there just so it's not the same old plot anyway.

I hope writers take even a little bit of heed. I know I'm not that great to be an actual authority (authority is Tin, Kit, Meg, Circe, Chelle, Sakura, Varon, Silverlight, B.Na, Rurichan, and those of the Upper Echelon) but I still hope my opinion helps any. We're all writers, after all.

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Sunday, August 25, 2002

Ah, how lovely! Now I'm DAMNED sure that "Nightingale" went up, and the 3rd "Beautiful Alone" chapter (happy yet, Varon?), too. Hwee.

First term has ended! I'm free! Free! Although I hate to say that now I have no more International Studies. Argh. Miss Nikkiiiiiiii! I'm gonna miss you so much! You RULE! Go off and fight the good fight. Show that video I made with Iji to the whole world. Let's all take down McDonald's! Mwahahahaha

Woh-key! M.O.S. season naaa! I am going to have SO much fun in term break. I just hope they don't toss us in the pool. Oh for cryin' out loud I'd give anything to see Raven tossed in the pool but I won't experience it with him. He can go to hell. Bah. >.<

Terms before GRADUATION: six more!
1.) Look for magic lamp with genie and wish for the obliteration of all human shallowness (like videogames) (also should wish for world peace).

2.) Purposely trigger alarm in library entrance (to be cool)

3.) Look for bangus (milkfish) in SJ walk pond that can sing Moulin Rouge's "Your Song" at top of lungs

4.) Fry damned fish and eat (perfect with fried eggs and rice in SPS canteen)

5.) Purposely trigger fire alarm in Miguel Building (to be cool again)

6.) Jump from 4th floor Velasco Building and tumble towards infinity to the football field (must have companion) (to be WAY cool)

Actually all this stuff is from Voltage's "Ika-apat na Palapag". If you can pilfer a Malate Lit Folio from anywhere go read him. He's good. And those goals make sense.


Final note: those who know me by Ekai on, you still may call me Ekai. But otherwise, please don't. I've discarded the name.

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Sunday, August 18, 2002

Hmm. I haven't been posting here 'cause I haven't been ficcing, and this is the fic log! Anyway, I posted something new on, so I hope someone checks that thing out, even though it's more like a fic grown out of an original story and not an original story grown out of a fic. Still...

I'd fic more if I had a lot of time on my hands but currently my whole life is being eaten up by Real Life and Love Life and Original Ideas and THE FOLIO. Hey, at least I'm not a bum drifting from nowhere, I have direction now! I think I've been looking for direction since the beginning of highschool. Hwee.

All I've to do now is learn everything I can from Malate and forego the rest from there. I'm learning a lot from Miss Briones' International Studies class, things that help how I write. More importantly, I'm having fun doin all that.

It's the season to get reasons to live a little better.


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Sunday, August 04, 2002

again, *tweak*? how do you put images on this thing??

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*tweak tweak* image?

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Take the Rurouni Kenshin Quiz by xceres.

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this girl

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