Sunday, July 28, 2002

Okay. I hate people who plagiarize. Someone stole my good friend syaoran no hime's work and had the gall to copy the WHOLE fic and paste it up as one of his/her own. the original is syaoran no hime's "Larawan (Portrait)"
and the idiot who copied her (on a road to fast fame, no doubt) was a person named Crystal Eyes.

I hope whoever that person is gets his/her due. It's wrong to steal from other writers. It's even worse to steal the whole thing completely.


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Friday, July 26, 2002

I've been inactive lately, busy with RL and other such ramblies. Argh. Varon, dahlin, I miss you.

I haven't typed up anything new. Tsk. Bad, bad Kai.

Anyway, I know this is my fic log, but I really just need to write this down... comments on my apparent lunacy are appreciated.

You are not my friend.

I cannot fathom how I ever thought of you as my friend. We have talked together, laughed together, cried together over little things and big things. We have fought as all good friends should and we have said we loved each other to bitty bitty pieces countless times. Yet, against all this, I am not ashamed to admit that I have harbored extreme loathing for you, the way you backstabbed me at every chance you get. I see you for who you are now, peel away your mask of beauty and take away your achievements and in retrospect, you are nothing but a pile of cold, gray ash.

You are unfeeling. You are insecure. You are incapable of true, unconditional, love, or friendship for that matter. You suspect everyone in front of you, you think badly of anyone with you. No one is spared, even those who have nothing but good intentions for you. I can say this is true. I believe it to be.

I have criticized you, even cussed at you, for reasons that you behave too childishly for your age. Grow up. I have said bad things about you because you have said bad things about other people who dared not defend themselves against you, in hopes that their nonviolence will change you, if only in an infinitesimal way. Grow up. I will repeat it and repeat it even if you never do listen. You have never listened, even if you have feigned that you do. You are a liar. You are nothing. I say this now without guilt. You have disowned our apparent friendship as a bag of lies. Thank you, you have clarified things for me. You are nothing to me now.

You are not my friend. I once thought of you as my friend, but I now see that I was extremely mistaken.

You are beautiful. But you are empty.

You are incapable of love without selfish intent.

You are not my friend.

Still, I thank you.


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Sunday, July 21, 2002

Heh. Corrected template.

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Saturday, July 20, 2002

Ah. is finally up. Posted angstfest, Masquerade, and two chapters of Could've Been, I hope everybody's happy.

Anyway. I'm checking out Chelle (get a blog!), Circe, and the other peepz... Hmm.

Sometimes I am REALLY grateful to, because, hey. They post me. But hey. When they break down in the middle of a roll, argh. Anyway. I love the ML, and Linda and Varon and Sakura-san and dear sweet Chelle.

And, no offense to writers everywhere, but, what's happening to you guys?

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Friday, July 19, 2002

There has been a long and winding debate going on at the ML. It's sort of strange because it started with one bitty question from Linda about how ExT fandom began and now it's all over how everybody is just getting tired of CCS.


I'm not tired of the series. I've said it on the ML, I'm not even anywhere near getting sick of it. My bedroom is littered with Sakura paraphernalia. My cellular phone ringtones are CCS themes. I just love it. I do.

The ficcation is of course another matter. It's a matter that I write 'coz I'm a writer, and that I write just so. I like writing the fics.

Anyway.... that's rally everything on the issue I've to say. I wish the other really good writers still finish their fics even if they're sick of CCS. ^-^ I hope.

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Monday, July 15, 2002

Which Final Fantasy 8 Character Are You?

You are Rinoa! Your relationships with others are important
to you. You like to socialize and have a good time. To some
people you might seem a little shallow, but you really just like
to be happy and make others happy too.

Take the Final Fantasy 8 Test here!

Of course. ^-^

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I just wish I could write wonky wonks the way she does!

Because I'm all cutesy cutesy and when I try to write good lemons I stutter. Because I suck at love scenes and FUNNY!love scenes because I was forced to read Harlerquin Romances since I was THREE because my mother doesn't know how to shop for books!

I don't want to be so cute forever. I wrote "Masquerade", didn't I? I did!

And sometimes I want to write the way this one does. She's so bitingly funny I tend to look at all my fics and have the insane urge to burn them all.

I need to grow UP!


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Sunday, July 14, 2002

Hmm. Hello, Nellie. Thanks for dropping by.

Posted, again, two fics in ML. Go read me. ^-^ Comments will be muchly appreciated.

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Thursday, July 11, 2002

Posted three fics on ML. it bites.

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Tuesday, July 09, 2002

there's something very wrong with my blog.

it's not appearing when i ask for it. which is bad. i don't want to move blogs! i like this blog!

anyway. Linda!! you reviewed "Twenty Four Hours" a while back. i remember it as one of my most memorable reviews (the others are from varon, chelle-san [get a blog!], and J.M). *bows* i'm HONORED.


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Saturday, July 06, 2002

I posted on CCSFWML. So bee happy, everyone.'s still not working right.

*waves to Sakura: Sakura-saaaaaaan. I need more Leni-Iris like songs!! Tasuketeeeeeee

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Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Lots of it.

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Lots of it.

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I'm having fun.

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I'm having fun.

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Updated Linkies. Go check 'em people out, ne? ^-^

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Veering away from the fanfiction hit has always been a bane for me. Ever since I began to ficcate I forgot about original characters and whatnot. It was too fun to lug the CCS cast through my dirt.

Then I had an epiphany last Monday.

Who needed original characters when I had me, my friends, and the whole La Salle experience to write on.


Introducing, from the depths of block LR-39.....

Histrionic paranoiac, Iji, whose daring deeds include waiting for a J.S. Vergara bus.... for one and a half hours!!

Black sarcasm and comedy defines our dear Maite....

and finally, the new improved (heh!) Ekai, now known as Kari! (There was someone in my block named Cai, too.....)

Okay. A bit of social bloggage....

Sakura-san, you will have first chapter of Leni (I'm following in thy personal quirk's footsteps) and Iris fic by end of month. Also, "Beautiful Alone" is now dedicated to you as gift-fic. (Here!) Sankyuu for all your help. ^-^

Varon-san, Chelle-san, "Could've Been" 2nd chapter will be ready for the masses by mid-August. I promise! I have to get through midterms first, though. ^-^

Sasami-chan, will write HarukaxMichiru sometime in October. I need to finish Sailorstars series first. (I hate the dubbing! Kill the dubbers! Grararrr...)


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this girl

Name: Ekai Ungson-
Age: 20-
From: the Philippines-
Job: fanfiction writer-


I fic log!~ Looking through my FF.n profile, I...
Have added Calendar-san to link list. Hweeeeeeeee....
I changed the template because it needed changing....
Fic me Shaman King and I will worship thee. I'd do...
yes, i have updated. new draco/gin fic entitled "t...
People who can point me to v. good Hiro/Kisa fan f...
People who can point me to v. good Hiro/Kisa fan f...
erk! i can't view my blog.
new template up and running. i don't suppose anyon...
is the new template working?


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