Monday, April 29, 2002

Oooooh. I applaud CardCaptor Schlueter. I sincerely do. It's a damned shame that has decided to ban all MiSTs. Evility....

Oh yeah.

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Sunday, April 28, 2002

I should like to think that I'm making enough progress, but I'm not. I'm soooo stressed.... I still can't finish "Nocturne"! And it's so damn EASY to finish! Why?! What's happening to meeee?!

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test by Leanne
which CCS character are you?

Excellent!!! I ALWAYS knew I was Sakura-chan! Ahahahahaha!!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2002

And I still can't believe I just wrote that! Argh! I have to get some more H lessons. Sakura!!

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I'm Death!
Which Member of the Endless Are You?

Ooh.. Death huh...

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Snippet: Nocturne

She tries, and fails miserably, to tiptoe out of his apartment. She fails because he heard her, because he is trained to hear amateur sneaks. Or not. Maybe he was trained to hear amateur sneaks who try to escape from him after a night of mad sex. She doesn't know.

He catches her arm before she can make a move. "Where do you think you're going?" he asks.

Where? Oh, God. "Out. Away. Don't ask, Hiiragizawa. I don't have the exact answer yet," she replies.

"You're trying to leave," he replies. She wishes he didn't have to say it like that. Say things with so much soul. She wishes he'd have gone hollowly about his business the way he usually did with all the others. She wishes he didn't tell her those things he'd said last night, because if you combine all that to the look in his eyes this morning, she wants to stay. She just wants to stay.

But she shouldn't stay. She shouldn't stay because she has duty today, and Aya is waiting, and Ryu-kun is waiting for her. The children were waiting at the pediatric ward. She shouldn't stay because her mother might very well have called out the police, the CIA, the Interpol. She shouldn't stay because, because, because. She has a thousand different reasons.

But she looks into those blue eyes of his, warm, potentially dangerous blue eyes, and she doesn't want to go, doesn't want to go.

"I can't stay."

He laughs mirthlessly. "Sure you can, my love. Sure you can. All you've to do is say 'all right'." He grins, somewhat of a maniacal grin. A grin that scares her to the core and yet is oddly attracting. She was going nuts. "Or are you scared of me?"

She gulps. Was she?

"Yes," she admits softly. "I am scared, _scared_ to death of you." She sighs. "I... you. Us. It won't work. You... have the night. And I... I hide from this."

"You're scared again," he repeats. "You weren't scared last night."

She remains silent, and then pulls her arm away from his.

"Last night you promised me your heart. Today, I suddenly realize that you are, of course, prone to empty promises and shallow lies."

The door closed softly.

He went back to the bed and thought of her.

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Looks like this is the time for changes...

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I need the ficcated thing in here NOW!

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I've been in Dagupan for two straight weeks and there's not a word on any fics!

I hate being such a compulsive writer. I NEED to write, and I hate to procrastinate. I'm going crazy. I need to get "Nocturne" finished. Please!

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Sunday, April 14, 2002


Still haven't understood exactly what I want to happen with Nocturne. Quite frankly, the thing is so convolutedly confusing to the point of... well, you DO understand the idea.

I'm constantly torn with the personas of a goodTomoyo and a badTomoyo, who in turn constantly battle it out for control of totalTomoyo. I wasn't thinking. I was modeling her after Jessica Alba's "Max Guevara" from Dark Angel. ..

GAH! More later. Gotta run.

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how many times am i going to beg this thing...

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work. work, work, i beg you

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okay. this worked at the other thingy and it had better work here...

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what the ....

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Okay. Testing....

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Already this is looking weird.....

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this girl

Name: Ekai Ungson-
Age: 20-
From: the Philippines-
Job: fanfiction writer-


I fic log!~ Looking through my FF.n profile, I...
Have added Calendar-san to link list. Hweeeeeeeee....
I changed the template because it needed changing....
Fic me Shaman King and I will worship thee. I'd do...
yes, i have updated. new draco/gin fic entitled "t...
People who can point me to v. good Hiro/Kisa fan f...
People who can point me to v. good Hiro/Kisa fan f...
erk! i can't view my blog.
new template up and running. i don't suppose anyon...
is the new template working?


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